Episode #59 The Comfort Enclosure

Not many of us have been feeling comfortable lately. With COVID19 turning our lives upside down, discomfort has become the norm and we’re all desperate to get back to some sort of normality so we can all be comfortable again.

But when that time comes, don’t get too comfortable!

You’ve heard of the Comfort Zone – that place beyond which we know we should occasionally push ourselves. But I don’t think the word ‘zone’ is enough to portray how limiting it is when you play it safe. That’s why the name I’m choosing to describe this from now on is “enclosure” – The Comfort Enclosure.

An enclosure is a place that is safe and protected – where you can avoid mistakes and too much exposure. It’s the land where there are high defences against criticism or judgment, and the opportunities for failure are non-existent. But all of that safety comes at a price: your potential is curtailed; growth is stunted and you never find the answer to that question that lays quietly unanswered in the back of your mind: who can I be? how far could I go? what am I really capable of?

One of my favourite expressions says “ The lies we tell ourselves are the biggest lies of all.” I think it’s perfect for what we often tell ourselves about how capable we are and where we want to be. We tell ourselves we have a great reason for staying where we are, when what we’re really doing is playing it safe, holding onto comfort.

In this week’s episode I talk about the Comfort Enclosure and share 8 signs that show you’re stuck inside it, for example:

· Doing your job with your eyes shut
· Procrastination and avoidance
· Lack of passion or interest in what you do
· Doing things because that’s what you’ve always done

Playing it self to avoid COVID19 is one thing. But you may want to question how much playing it safe in your career and personal life is really serving you. Listen in to hear more.

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Caroline did a fantastic job as the guest speaker at our latest Women with Ambition networking event: 'How to ensure kids don’t derail your career'. Caroline’s talk was engaging and insightful and feedback from our clients that attended was overwhelmingly positive. All of the delegates mentioned they had gained some sound advice from Caroline’s presentation, regardless of whether they were thinking about having children, were already parents or were managing individuals with family commitments. Caroline has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing to develop our working relationship in the future. I would highly recommend working with her.

Sally Clare, Head of Diversity, Ambition UK

Caroline came to speak to our Balance Employee Network about “How to babyproof your career so you can balance your life”. I really enjoyed preparing this event together. Caroline took great care in understanding the needs of the audience to make her message even more powerful. The whole process from preparing the event invitation to getting feedback was very professional with a wonderful personal touch.

Louise Walewska, Presentation Client, HSBC Asset Management

I am more than happy to share wonderful feedback about you. Working with you has been life changing and continues to inspire me and help me grow.

Coaching client, Director, PwC Legal

When I came into the office the following Monday, I could see the effect that you’d had. People were visibly changed as a result of your talk.

Oli Holmes, Accenture

I wanted to let you know that I have been promoted to counsel. Thanks very much to your coaching I have managed to get through one of the most challenging years of my career and managed to achieve what I had hoped to! I might not have made it were it not for your advice and guidance.

Client C, Solicitor

Caroline, I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave me while starting to think of family planning. Your level-headed approach to some of the things I was panicking about has put everything into perspective. Not to mention that talking through and planning how to run my company single-handedly with a child was invaluable. I really appreciate having the after-session documents to work through in my own time and have been referring to them frequently. I cannot recommend a Babyproof Your Life session highly enough when starting to think about children – everyone should do this! Many thanks again.

Client T, UK, Babyproof Client