What is Allyship? - Caroline Flanagan

What is Allyship?

with Caroline Flanagan


Imposter Syndrome, Ethnicity, Identity, Allyship


Do you ever feel like a fraud? Do you ever feel your success is down to luck?
Does the fear of being found out ever hold you back?

If your answer to the above is yes, then you probably suffer from Imposter Syndrome – a unique form of self-doubt that research has shown to afflict over 70% of the population, and particularly high achievers. To everyone else you are qualified, deserving and highly capable. But on the inside you feel inadequate and undeserving.

Now imagine experiencing all of these feelings and being the only one in the room. Imagine looking for role models and finding no one like you. Imagine feeling alienated by the dominant culture in your firm and worrying about being inauthentic. When you are black, or of ethnic minority origin, you experience Imposter Syndrome on a whole other level. You don’t just feel like an imposter. You are one.

As an ex-City lawyer of Jamaican descent who achieved success in a predominantly white, mostly male, middle class environment her whole life, Caroline Flanagan knows exactly what it’s like to feel like an imposter and to face both internal and external barriers to success.

Drawing on case studies, research and her own personal experience, Caroline shines a spotlight on the unique form of Imposter Syndrome experienced by people of colour. This event aims to increase awareness of the experiences of black and minority ethnic individuals in your organisation, and explore practical ways to help all individuals in your organisation feel equal, included and valued.


This event is ideal for an ethnically diverse audience.