Imposter Syndrome

I’ve spent so many years of my life running from Imposter Syndrome. It has haunted me since the day I went off to boarding school at the age of 6, and continued all through University and my years working as a lawyer in the City. Two years ago, on the eve of publishing my book Babyproof Your Career, I had the biggest Imposter Syndrome crisis of my life. That crisis changed everything.

“Imposter Syndrome isn’t there to stop you.
It’s there to show you the way”

I see, hear and meet people who are suffering from Imposter Syndrome all the time. I’ve read countless articles and listened to many a presentation about ways to “get over”, “overcome” and “defeat” Imposter Syndrome. None of that advice ever worked for me. I still felt paralysed with fear at the thought of speaking out at meetings and sick with worry that one day I’d be outed as a fraud. I was still convinced my successes were all down to luck. So I shied away from the next opportunity because surely, any minute now, that luck was going to run out.

What worked for me was the decision to turn and face Imposter Syndrome, rather than run from it. That’s when I realised that Imposter Syndrome was not my enemy, but my friend. It was not trying to stop me, it was trying to support me and show me the way.

Now I’m on a mission to help others welcome and embrace Imposter Syndrome, and turn it to their advantage.

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