Have it all

There’s one phrase you’ll never hear me say, and that is “you can’t have it all”. Unlike most people you may meet, I am a believer. I’m a hard working mother of 4 who believes, passionately and unapologetically, in the dream of having the career and the family – the dream of having it all.

My life is far from perfect. I have plenty of days when I feel overwhelmed by the madness of working full time and having 4 kids, and I am not immune to waves of guilt when I make mistakes or things go wrong. But every day I make it work. Because it’s all part of an incredible journey of lessons learned, challenges overcome and dreams realised that allow me to be true to the person I am: an ambitious career woman, devoted mum and wife and a woman who sees life as one big adventure.

This is my version of having it all. What’s yours?

“Give yourself permission to want it all
and I’ll help you find a way of making it work”

When I worked in the City as a finance lawyer, before I had kids, I knew it would be tough to have a family and keep my career on track. But it didn’t stop me wanting it all.

I looked around for the encouragement, support and advice that would prepare me for that challenge, but there was no help out there. Nothing that spoke to me as a career woman and a want-to-be but not-quite-there-yet parent.

I remember thinking: if only there was somewhere – a website, a community, a safe place to hang out – where I could connect with others with the same ambitions and fears; where I could be honest about wanting it all and, instead of being told I couldn’t have it, be given support and practical advice from those who were doing it and making it work.

No such space existed for me, so in 2013 I set out to create that space for those who would come later. And so BabyProof Your Life was born –  to create the community, the support and the blueprint for having it all and making it work. Click here to learn more about Babyproof Your Life.

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