7 episodes into the podcast and I think it’s time for a proper introduction! This week’s episode is all about me – a collection of facts that you may not know, even if you’ve been following me for some time. I wanted this to be as useful and relevant to you as the previous episodes, so with each fact I share I also comment on the lesson I learned which may be of use to you too. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming up:

1 – I’ve always been ambitious.

Facing some challenging circumstances when I was growing up made me determined to achieve financial security, stability and safety from an early age – and this has manifested itself as a lifelong strident ambition.

Ambition isn’t a dirty word and being ambitious is something to be proud of. It’s not unfeminine and it’s not about greed, or succeeding at the expense of others. It’s much more complex than that – it’s about determining what you’re capable of, seeing what’s possible, improving your circumstances, and going for a goal even when others doubt you.


2 – I’m an imposter.
I’ve suffered from imposter syndrome all my life and have realised that despite my abilities, achievements and qualifications – my inner imposter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So I’ve learned to take ownership of my imposter syndrome and in doing so, I’ve turned what was a weakness into a strength.


3 – I think I’m Superwoman!
No I don’t think I can save the world single handed while bringing up my kids, working full time and keeping a spotless house.. My version of superwoman certainly doesn’t do it all – but she does have it all! My positive mindset makes me feel like Superwoman. I believe that anything is possible, that I can overcome adversity, bounce back from failure, and achieve things that others tell me are impossible.


This week’s podcast covers my story through these – and more of my life lessons. Enjoy!


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