This year I’ve decided to fail 100 times. It’s my new approach to conquering self doubt and it’s working!

In this episode of the podcast I want to challenge your perception of failure and the role it plays in your life right now. If you suffer from self doubt, imposter syndrome or perfectionism, then failure is driving your behaviour for all the wrong reasons.

But what if failure could play a better role, a more positive role in your life? What if it could drive you to achieve more, not less?

This week on the Babyproof Your Career podcast  I argue that failure can be a good thing, if only you would give yourself permission to experience more of it. Here’s what I cover:

– why I’ve chosen to fail 100 times this year
– the difference between task failure and identity failure
– my ego-bruising Sudoku failure
– a dead end or a course corrector? choosing the definition of failure that works for you


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