Struggling with ambition?  Here are 3 mistakes you might be making.

This week were looking at ambition and why it should be celebrated as a dynamic and positive trait that can help us achieve our goals. Being ambitious isnt always easy though – it doesnt come naturally to all of us to maintain a high-energy, positive focus towards achievement. If you struggle to fully believe in or embrace an ambitious version of yourself, you might be making one of these common mistakes:

Thinking ambition is the same as arrogance.

Perhaps you have seen others in your workplace or industry who appear to be successful in  a ruthless or autocratic way. Perhaps that has shaped how you have come to view ambition, or what it means to be an ambitious person. If you find that off-putting in embracing your own ambition, try to find a successful, and yes –  ambitious role model whose values you share. There will be people you respect who are driven and strive for success without being arrogant or pushy. Look to these people for a version of ambition you can emulate.

Letting Imposter Syndrome hold you back.

Imposter Syndrome (listen to podcast #1 on the subject – link) affects high achievers and makes them doubt their ability to succeed. If you suffer from it, dont let it get in the way of your ambition. Understand that feeling this way is an indicator that you are more than likely highly capable. Accept your inner imposter, be aware that your rational tendency to self-edit does not take into account your own high ability and agency as an author of your own fortune then go for it. Be ambitious and reclaim those daring dreams.

Not spending enough time with positive, ambitious people.

Hanging around with negative people can be a real energy sapper. If you feel deflated or demotivated in your work or social circles, the collective negativity might be squashing your ambition. Find a network of people who share your positivity and outlook. Reinvigorate your ambition with the help of like-minded supporters. Networking groups in the City can be a great source of inspiration – or look online.

This weeks podcast contains more tips on how to embrace your ambition and harness it to achieve your goals. Listen here.

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